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  • My Life Outfits

    I <3 NY

    I am back from my amazing trip! Still can’t believe it all happened, kinda seems like a dream at this point. Here’s my recap by way of a top ten list.…

  • My Life

    I heart NY.

    A few years ago, while sitting on my sister in laws couch, feeling pretty hopeless about my future, I saw an article in Allure Magazine. It was interviews and photos of…

  • My Life

    Breaking News!!!!!

    I am beyond words! Thank you so much to my sister Rachel, my gorgeous makeover Audrey, my mom, Nick and all of you who took the time to fill out that…

  • My Life

    Gigantic News!

    In case you don’t follow me on Instagram, I have some REEEEEEAAAALLLLLY exciting news….. Allure Magazine announced it’s finalists for the 2013 Beauty Blogger Awards and guess what!? They chose me…