Contact / FAQ

For Questions:

If it’s about particular posts the best (and quickest, I might add) way to get an answer is by asking it in the comment section of the post. If I don’t answer right away be sure to check the thread to see if that question has already been addressed.

If it’s just a general question that has not been addressed on the blog, it’s best to either tweet me or drop in on my facebook wall. I love for quick questions to be answered on a public forum so everyone can get the info 🙂 (of course if you don’t have accounts to those social media sites you are welcome to email me as well – [email protected])


For Personal Messages or Notes:

Sending a message via facebook is the best way to get a timely response (timely being a relative term! I do try to get to all of my messages as possible but due to the high volume of messages I receive, this isn’t always possible. Although, I do read every email I receive.) If you do not have a facebook account please send personal messages to my personal email account [email protected]


For business Inquiries:

Please email [email protected]


Color Matching:

Not sure what colors to get? Visit our “Color Finder” on Maskcara Beauty or send us a photo of you (in natural lighting) and we’ll let you know what colors are a perfect match for you! You can either email your photo to [email protected] or you can direst message us on instagram @maskcaracosmetics


Customer Service:

Need help with returns, exchanges, questions about the product? Ask any and all store related questions to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you!



For frequently asked questions about Cara or the store, please visit the FAQ page here!

For any makeup related questions, visit the beauty capsules for favorite products or the beauty index for an A-Z of anything beauty related!