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  • My Favorites My Life

    A class act.

    Every time I get asked the “If you could have dinner with any famous person in history, who would it be?”  questio,n my answer is always the same. Audrey Hepburn. Easy.…

  • Hair Hair Products My Favorites

    Today is a sad day.

    I just ran out of my most favorite in-shower possession. My life won’t be complete again until I replace it. Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask It’s just the only thing between me and…

  • My Favorites

    Summer Must-Have!

    What is your #1 Summer product you can’t live without!? Tell me why you love it and where to get it so I can compile a list of our fav’s!…

  • Celebrity Looks My Favorites

    Katie Witherspoon

    I was excited when Katie won the contest.  I thought the resemblance was undeniable. THAT was BEFORE I met Katie. Holy cow. In person she is a dead ringer for Reese.…