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Skirt: Express  |  Shoes: Old – Target (similar here)  | Necklace: Urban Peach  | Top: Norstrom
Blush/Bronzer: Flower Sunkissed and Single |  Nail Polish: Essie BBF | Lipstick: Lipstick Queen in Pinky Nude

When I wore this to church on Sunday I got a gazillion compliments, which might be because I’m not a morning person and I usually end up looking like the girl from a walk to remember Pre-Landon… but still, I thought I should share it with you incase it was the skirt.

I also wanted to add a little to my post the other day about aging. Some comments were made that were very thoughtful and deserved a discussion

First. To some of the women who felt like I was being  dismissive with their aging concerns: I am so sorry if the post came off that way.
My intent was not to say “you’re old now, so focus on inner beauty from here on out.” That is not my view at all! It was simply to say “I admire the beauty that comes with age, life experience and wisdom. I don’t think women should be required to look young in order to look beautiful.”
I would never dismiss any group of women looking for ways to improve their beauty routines but I still want them to feel good about where they are without any of that. So I like to promote both aspects.
And while Some of my posts have specific focuses (i.e. freckles, aging, acne) the rest of my posts are meant to apply to everyone of any age!

Second, A few people asked me if I thought it was contradictory to write this post so soon after writing about my under eye injections.
I can understand why. There is a vain-self-centered side to beauty that I think all of us want to stay away from. It can eat away at other important things and make us unhappy.

In order to avoid it I think, as a culture we have created boundaries that draw that line. Some people draw it at a certain amount of makeup or hair height, some draw it at a certain amount of time spent on beauty and some draw it at anything that isn’t natural or god given.
I don’t draw the line at anything specific.
It’s something that happens on the inside. I didn’t feel like the injections crossed that line for me. Although, I have crossed it many times. This summer after  obsessing over my hair for weeks I realized that I had definitely crossed that line. There have been times when I wasn’t wearing a stitch of makeup but I was thinking only about myself and my interests and needs constantly that I crossed that line.  I have crossed the line in the past when I limited my eating (in vain pursuits) so much that it made me irritable and I treated the people I love poorly.  There have been times when I have torn others down to make myself feel better, I surely crossed it then.
It happens to all of us.
It might be nice if the real boundaries were as simple as hair height or needles but I think there’s a lot more to it than that.
And again, I have an example:



I love her. She is so beautiful.
She also is very open and lighthearted about the fact that her outsides are not necessarily the ones she was born with:

“I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb… and I also know that I’m not blonde.”

You’d be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap!

She is funny and sweet and has brought so much light and life into so many peoples lives.
And spends much of her time and money on taking care of others. Constantly showing love to people in every walk of life.

“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.” 

I don’t think she’d look one bit less beautiful with more wrinkles but I also don’t think she should have to conform to anyone’s opinion but her own.
She’s got the important stuff covered, whatever else she chooses to do is fine by me:)


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  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 4:11 am

    Awesome post, Cara. Keep up the good work!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 4:17 am

    Very well said. And I seriously can’t believe that people did, or are still, giving you flack about the injection post. I, personally, appreciate it. I am very well aware of the lines I must operate within to remain relevant in my job, and taking great care of myself and looking radiant allows me to have more impact in the things I have been called to do. And you are absolutely correct, it is up to me to determine my own “sell out point”. Have a great weekend, beautiful girl…

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 4:21 am

    You are an inspiration and leader yourself, Cara. You see beauty in everything and if we could all share that positivity and passion we would all shine a little brighter.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 4:22 am

    Great post! And that’s an awesome skirt 🙂

  • Reply
    Kallie (@blondeeambition)
    February 6, 2014 at 4:22 am

    well said Cara. <3 everyone has their own opinions and views…you give everyone the different options and they can choose what works for them.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 4:23 am

    Absolutely! Im one of the ones that was concerned about aging..actually OBSESSED. These wrinkles..Aggghhhh Yesterday while again obsessing I thought of the things you said, and how Aging and Beauty aren’t exclusive of each other, and I stopped obsessing and just enjoyed my evening. Sometimes I forgot how beautiful I am..wrinkles and aging and ALL..Im still ME..I love your article and I totally got what you were saying. I never felt dismissed. Keep it up Cara..love love love…

  • Reply
    Lisa Carroll
    February 6, 2014 at 4:48 am

    Ah, such a graceful reply to the never-ending drivel of shallow-minded critics. Well said, Cara.

    • Reply
      February 6, 2014 at 6:45 am

      ^ what she said. 🙂 Oh, and that’s an AMAZING skirt!

    • Reply
      February 6, 2014 at 9:55 am

      Completely agree. Beautiful post and so well said. You’re the best!

  • Reply
    Lori Cook
    February 6, 2014 at 4:52 am

    Great post, a lot of food for thought. Thank you.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 4:59 am

    My Darling Cara, I love your posts, I think you are an eloquent author and you are honest and forthcoming. As a 50+ beauty diva, I am of the same opinion as you, I do not judge people by what they may or may not have had done, because frankly it doesn’t change anything in my life…. what I do not appreciate (in fact I find it insulting) is when women do not divulge having had any work done and lead us to wonder — why does she look 20 years younger than me???

    • Reply
      February 6, 2014 at 6:52 am

      I so agree!

  • Reply
    Whitney orr
    February 6, 2014 at 5:01 am

    “I also don’t think she should have to conform to anyone’s opinion but her own.” <<<<THIS RIGHT HERE!! Who is anyone to say that someone else crossed a line of beauty just because they themselves wouldn't cross it?!?! You go Cara! You and everyone else do WHATEVER you want to your bodies because nobody has to live in them but you! 😀

  • Reply
    Vicky McLellan
    February 6, 2014 at 5:11 am

    Just love your heart, girl!! You are truly a gift to ALL of us, young and old!

  • Reply
    Disa Chantel
    February 6, 2014 at 5:27 am

    Great post. I love how you always listen and respond to your readers. Please don’t ever change that.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 5:30 am

    Well said…..you are a true beauty…inside and out!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 5:57 am

    You are simply amazing! I love everything about you. The way you write, the things you share, the way you look, and the way you think. You have my full support, though I am fully aware that that doesn’t mean much coming from a complete stranger. Haha! Keep up the good work!

  • Reply
    Debbie p
    February 6, 2014 at 6:03 am

    Beautiful post. Very true

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 6:06 am

    Cara you are awesome! I love how honest you are and your fearlessness to discuss topics that can be touchy to some. I think you always have the best intentions in your posts and would never intentionally mean anything as an insult to others. Keep doing your thing!! 🙂

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 6:06 am

    Cara, you’re not going to please everybody; just be true to yourself. Love your honesty and your talent!

  • Reply
    lindsey b
    February 6, 2014 at 6:19 am

    Want that skirt!!! Except you can’t purchase it from the link. Sad face 🙁

  • Reply
    Twirly Skirt
    February 6, 2014 at 6:20 am

    As always, you have handled yourself and others with grace. Thank you for always being so and candid and forthcoming. It is easy to admire your visible physical beauty, and I find your inner beauty equally as easy to see!

  • Reply
    Beth and Beauty
    February 6, 2014 at 6:28 am

    Cara, I agree with you 100%. I use to be one of those that was judgemental of those that chose injections or plastic surgery of any type. Now I came to see it is not for me to judge anyones choices. It is their body and I believe it is their choice. If you have done your research about the risks, you have the money and your bills are paid then I say go for it if it will make you feel good about yourself. If you feel good about yourself you are going to be happier and able to share that happiness around. Of course this is just my thoughts on the subject. Cara, you will not ever be able to please everyone. You sound a lot like me! I have a 20 Personal Random Facts About Me article on my blog I would love for you and anyone else for that matter to read.

    • Reply
      Beth and Beauty
      February 6, 2014 at 6:32 am

      My blog is at http://www.bethandbeauty.com

      • Reply
        February 7, 2014 at 6:14 pm

        Can you please stop promoting your blog on here? Once was enough.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 6:44 am

    Very well said! I think your posts are wonderful.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 6:46 am

    Nicely said! Classy as always!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 6:46 am

    Great post! Love Dolly too!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 6:48 am


    Cara. I really hope you don’t let the people that are writing negative things get you down. I can see how it would be exhausting. Please keep on posting just how you want! Because the majority of us appreciate, look forward to, and enjoy your posts very much.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 6:50 am

    Well put – Thank you!
    Love Dolly’s example of loving yourself with grace and without the need to defend who you are.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 7:04 am

    Cara, I think this is the most beautiful post you have written yet! You are such an inspiration to us, not just for your sage beauty tips, but also because of your kind heart and lovely spirit. Thank you!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 7:12 am

    It bothers me how much time you have to spend defending yourself. This is your blog and you post so much wonderful information, tips, tricks, and good advice. Your posts are always so positive and lovely; I can’t believe some people try to find offense in the sweet things you say. Just be you Cara. Keep loving the world and seeing beauty where it is. I’m grateful that I found your site and I always look forward to you cheerfulness in a world full of negativity.

  • Reply
    Jacqueline Robinson
    February 6, 2014 at 7:19 am

    You go girl! As another great woman once said:
    “Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.”
    – Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 7:40 am

    You are awesome! Well said! I gain so much from you as a 54 year old woman. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 8:07 am

    100% Agree. I think that as long as you feel truly good about yourself and are able to help others because of your security; then nothing else matters. I think you are a wonderful person, injections and all! 🙂

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 8:13 am

    As 57 year old grandma and one who often forgets to put on make up, I really appreciate your comments about age and beauty. The first post I read like that was one describing your mother. My daughter shared it with me. I was so touched. When I was a little girl , my mom often said to my sister and me, ” pretty is as pretty does.” I believe that is what you are saying and it is so necessary in our culture today. I believe only one thing needs to be added to your beautiful posts about beauty: start working on inner beauty and kindness while your outer beauty is still very obvious, then the wrinkles will grow in the right direction when you are older. I love smile wrinkles pressed into my older friends’ faces. Thanks.

  • Reply
    Beauty Vanity
    February 6, 2014 at 8:17 am

    Love seeing posts like this, keep up the good work!

    xx Alyson

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 8:21 am

    This is so well-written, I may have to excerpt it on my blog and repost it with a link to this article (if I have your permission, that is!). Such truth.

    And you referenced my idol, Dolly, who truly is woman that spent her money making the outside as beautiful as she is on the inside! She really embodies the perspective that our outsides are just that–superficial, changeable pieces that can look good pale, tan, blond, brunette, tweaked, filled, pinched or left bare. The core of who we are–morals, purpose, belief–is simply the canvas that the makeup, shoes and highlights are painted on.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 8:29 am

    Great post, totally agree. And I LOVE the skirt!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 8:36 am

    Just wanted to add my 2-cents worth regarding injectibles in response to “Second, a few people asked me if I thought it was contradictory to write this post so soon after writing about my under eye injections.” As noted in the comments section on the initial post regarding under eye injections, many women have always had “bags” under their eyes. Even when they were young, getting enough sleep, eating right, drinking enough water, wearing enough SPF, etc. For some people, it’s just genetics. Therefore, I don’t think using injections is necessarily trying to look “younger”. Young women can have bags too! 😉

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 8:49 am

    Cara, please don’t give these people fuel. You can say whatever you want. This is your blog. You are beautiful and you do not have to answer these mean, hateful comments. People will say whatever they want about you, but if you were to criticize them then you would be the devil. I get sad that it seems like you take to heart what those people say. They don’t mean anything. If posting a mean and hateful comment on your page makes them feel big and bad then whatever. They get off from the thought that it has hurt your feelings and maybe for a second, they feel like they are prettier and better than you. Just let it go. Post whatever you want. Do whatever you want. You only have a few people to answer to; your family, your gorgeous boyfriend Nick, and your adorable little son. That’s it. I absolutely love your blog and I absolutely love your messages of being beautiful. I think your attitude reflects through the skin and people can come off as ugly if they are mean. You are absolutely beautiful has seem to have the kindest spirit. Keep your pretty little head up. You are doing an amazing job on the blog.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 8:51 am

    Cara~ Thanks for all your advice and inspiration! I fell in love with your blog because of you and you shouldn’t have to change who you are or your values or opinions for that matter to please other people in the world. Please keep being the great person you are and try not to let all the negativity get to you!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 8:59 am

    I just love you and this post. I am always inspired by people like you who show class and grace in their interactions with the world.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 9:21 am

    Thanks for all that you do to inspire beauty in everyone, especially those of us who follow you, but it’s obvious that you do that on a daily basis with anyone you come in contact with. The reality for some of us (me being one of those) is that if your life is happy, then you’ll have laugh lines and frown lines and if you love the sun, you’ll have some sun damage. Our aging skin isn’t supposed to be covered up, but like you said, should be admired and enjoyed. Those lines tell a story and those memories are beautiful. I wish I could afford to get injections so when I walk down the sidewalk with my 14 year old daughter, I look years younger than my 48 year old forehead suggests, but I can’t. I don’t think less of those that choose those procedures anymore or less than those that don’t. I just choose to use your uplifting blog and posts to pick up ideas to add to my repertoire…and those have been many. It’s hard not to focus on the negative posts, but that’s human nature of those who are nurturing and caring. Unless you move in with all of us and apply our makeup every day, we can only use your tutorials as just that. Life is a journey on a learning curve. People like you make it worth the trip!!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 9:25 am

    I’d love if you did a post on dieting and workout secrets you use!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 9:34 am

    So well said. I have caught myself feeling judgmental toward people and their plastic surgery and then realized that we all have our own lines. I have thought, “how could they spend their money on their boobs when there are children without food?!” Well, I spent my money on a trip to Mexico, so what is the difference?

  • Reply
    Louann (Annie) Heap
    February 6, 2014 at 9:35 am

    Cara ~ Thank YOU so very much. The great thing about this discussion is that we all have different perspectives, fears, boundaries and clearly beauty is not a one size fits all category….beauty IS ACTUALLY in the eye of the beholder. For me, your open dialog and generosity is pretty spectacular and I love it.

    For me, also, growing up as a little girl, being told I was cute became part of my primary identity, along with a few other less dominant aspects (caregiver, etc.) . I didn’t get the “you’re so smart” comments most of the time. For whatever reason “cute” was the way most adults went in giving me compliments, so it’s been my identity, for better or worse. Now, as an aging female of 55 in today’s world, it can be difficult at times reconciling the cute vs. aging. I do want to do my best, I don’t want to freak out or spend every last penny on beauty products or procedures, but I do want to feel good about who I am when I look in the mirror and into my soul. Confidence is an amazing thing and you’re helping women of all ages with confidence! Thanks for helping me in my journey, Cara. You’ve been inspirational and so amazingly helpful !

    • Reply
      February 6, 2014 at 10:04 am

      Hi Louann, what a terrific message, I too am a 50+ woman and I can totally relate. Thanks for making me feel good!!!!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 10:00 am

    I was grateful to read your injection post and see your results. It was helpful to see your before/after pictures. I think if it makes you feel better and gives you an extra boost of confidence — do it! Not EVERYONE who gets plastic surgery or botox, etc. has extreme body image issues and emotional problems (Michael Jackson).

    My sense is that any flack you got for your post on your injections was motivated by the jealousy and insecurity of other people.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 10:08 am

    I absolutely enjoyed reading this post and you post about inner beauty (aging)as well. I definitely got the point you were trying to make then but I love it even more know that you went into more detail. I agree whole-heartedly about your “drawing the line” thoughts. Excellent post!

  • Reply
    Jamie Harris
    February 6, 2014 at 10:14 am

    Wonderful post! I just graduated from beauty school so I’m addicted to this stuff.

  • Reply
    Lauren Ashley
    February 6, 2014 at 10:17 am

    So well said – I love Dolly too. A little more live and let live could do everyone some good. xo!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 11:17 am

    Cara you are such a beautiful person and I thank you for spreading that beauty to others. This post is one of your most beauty enriching to date and for that I thank you as a fellow soul on this journey called life.

  • Reply
    Rachel P.
    February 6, 2014 at 11:29 am

    cara, i love your blog and cannot imagine how people manage to give you backlash when your intentions are so positive and very clear! i feel like you’ve had to defend/explain yourself a lot lately, which is too bad because i read all your posts and never think “wow that was offensive/ignorant”. i’m so suprised and disappointed that some of your followers have been getting that impression when your posts are so well-written and forthcoming! in any case, you always address the opposing viewpoints with grace and strength, which i admire so much. it’s your blog, keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Reply
    Elisabeth M
    February 6, 2014 at 11:46 am

    YOU GO GIRL!!!! That is such a graceful way of saying you do with your body as you wish…and I will do the same 🙂 There’s a saying in Spanish that says…el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz. simply translated…RESPECTING THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS IS PEACE. What a wonderful rule to live by.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    Agree! Girl you lookin good!!! 🙂 We need your secrets.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 12:24 pm


  • Reply
    Diana C.
    February 6, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    Beautifully stated Cara. “Beauty is, as beauty does” has always been a favorite quote of mine and one I try to live by; however, a little (healthy) pride in our appearance goes a long way in the confidence department. My sister is beautiful; maybe not by Cosmo standards, but a hard-working dialysis nurse and mother, who forever put everyone’s needs above her own.

    A couple of years ago, I knew she had been wearing the wrong haircut for her face shape and busy lifestyle; and her lips hadn’t seen lipstick in months, much less make-up. She asked me to go Christmas shopping with her and I agreed… b/c I had a plan. Making a salon appointment for just after she was due at my house, I literally kidnapped her and deposited her into the capable hands of a professional stylist, and told her to get rid of the “Marla Hooch” hair and cut it in a (layered) style she could easily care for. A fabulous cut, color, eyebrow wax, and lipstick application later, the transformation was stunning! My sister was in tears never realizing she was that pretty.

    Yes, we were even able to get her Christmas shopping done too.

    When she slipped in next to our parents at church that night, they almost didn’t recognize her. She was all the buzz around the hospital the next day too as nurses and doctors would come looking for her to see her new style! One even came up to her floor after clocking out saying, “I just couldn’t go home without seeing you!”

    My sister called me the following day to thank me (for the 100th time) and said, “I didn’t want to look ugly; I just didn’t know I had any choice.” From then on, she has been more confident, smiles, and even has a bit more pep in her step. She is currently on a Caribbean cruise, for the first time in her life, with a couple of other nurse girlfriends. Amazing what a good haircut, covering of a few stubborn grays, and a little lipstick will do! What is that old George Strait song, “She Let Herself Go”? Well so did my sister.

    • Reply
      February 6, 2014 at 1:25 pm

      Very sweet 🙂

      • Reply
        Diana C.
        February 6, 2014 at 1:47 pm

        Thank you. 🙂

    • Reply
      Nathalie Prud'homme
      February 6, 2014 at 1:26 pm

      Hi Diana, what a beautiful, heartfelt story. Thank you for sharing!!! Nathalie xoxo

      • Reply
        Diana C.
        February 6, 2014 at 1:50 pm

        You are welcome Nathalie! I hope someone who might be feeling their best beauty days are behind them, will see this and give themselves a second chance to “sparkle and shine” a bit. 🙂

        • Reply
          Nathalie Prud'homme
          February 6, 2014 at 1:58 pm

          I totally agree with you.. I am a firm believer that when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you exude confidence. I volunteer for Breast Cancer and provide makeovers, just to see the sparkle in these women’s eyes means the world to me. It is such a pleasure chatting with you! xoxo

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 1:23 pm

    Okay…I just really love you. All that needs to be said here is go girl haha

  • Reply
    Sharon Bush
    February 6, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    This is why I started following your blog, you don’t pretend to be perfect. It’s great you give us all your little secrets, tips, and general beauty info. When you wrote about your injections, I took it as you being completely honest about yourself. I didn’t feel the need to go get injections, but I did feel like I had been educated on something I knew nothing about before hand. Thank you for doing a great job of running a blog that is about honesty and helping women find their own beauty inside and out.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 1:29 pm

    Very good post Cara! i think that most of us understood your Aging post and what you meant, but it´s very nice from you to explain it, i know that everything you tell us is always from your heart and you would never write anything with a second intention!
    I admire your job and you!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    Cara! Just saw your post on yahoo shine! That’s awesome! Congratulations! Is it weird that I totally recognized your mouth in the picture?! Lol shows how often I refer to you for your amazing tips!!! Xo, Summer

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    Wow, I am shocked that anyone would have taken your Aging post the wrong way. I loved it, and granted, I am still in my 30’s – but I also applied your post to my stretch marked body after having 2 children in my 20’s. Some might want to to get tummy tucks, try every cream under the sun…
    Don’t feel the need to explain yourself – you could forever be explaining something to someone… as you can never please EVERYONE. xo

  • Reply
    Grace Forsythe
    February 6, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    I love Urban Peach but makes me so sad that they don’t ship internationally! Do you know of any similar online jewellery outlets that also ship to the UK?

  • Reply
    Whovian Gran
    February 6, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    I am 59 years old and I love your posts. You are so kind to those who are less kind to you. Thank you for all you do to help us to look good and also to BE good at any age.

    • Reply
      Nathalie Prud'homme
      February 6, 2014 at 3:08 pm

      Hi,I simply wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to read a mature woman’s posts (there are several on this blog). As a 50+ woman, I am glad to see that I am not the only Fab Over 50 woman reading beauty blogs. Nathalie xoxo

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    “I usually end up looking like the girl from a walk to remember Pre-Landon”
    Ha! When I read that I laughed. Out loud. At work. And yes I did get stares.

    I can appreciate that as someone who values sleep more than taking the appropriate amount of time to get ready and look like a human. 🙂

  • Reply
    Martha C
    February 6, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    Are you kidding! I guess as they say, haters gonna hate…but I love everything you write. I actually ran directly to Sephora and bought some Hourglass #28 serum and I’ll tell you that stuff works! BTW you can try a smaller size for only $22 if you want to try it. As for the injections and the inner beauty…who among us has not ridden that crazy roller coaster of ” I’m fighting this bitch called aging with everything in my arsenal” and the next day said I’m letting my hair go grey. Well, I go through it a lot and you just have to make yourself happy. I think more so for you .cara is that you are in the public eye and worse in the fashion industry and more so every day with your blog, make up line, fashion shows…etc. a culture of youth…it is important for your business to look good but I know from your writings that your beauty on the inside is what makes you a success. Keep up the great work!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    HI Cara Would you be able to email me about the under eye treatment you had done. I have an apt Monday! thanks [email protected]

  • Reply
    Kendall Mullen
    February 6, 2014 at 5:15 pm

    Hey hey! I never comment but I love your blog! I have always, always thought that you are a huge advocate of natural beauty and remind your readers to find beauty in every part of our wrinkles, freckles, thin lips, etc. I considered the under eye injections helpful….if and when I want to do something, that is useful information. I think we all have to feel confident with ourselves, and like you said, that line that creates that confidence for us varies with each individual. I don’t think you should think too much on negative criticism!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    THIS is WHY I Love your blog !! Some people “read to deeply” into things and tiny things become huge things. I love how you address these with RESPECT and understanding.!! I thought your honesty about the eye “thingy” was wonderful and even though that’s not ” my thing” I could never judge: belittele someone else because its their choice. Now, for me I’d jump on the opportunity to have a butt lift!! Haha
    Your a wonderful person and going a wonderful job and it shows through your post!
    GO Girl!!!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 5:51 pm

    I’ll put it simply:

    You. Are. Amazing.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    Maybe the people that were offended just read something that touched on whatever it is they’re not facing or secretly don’t like about their own aging process. Looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing a reflection that’s changing slowly but surely, getting further and further away from how you used to look even 5-10 years ago is not easy. It takes self assurance and a good head on your shoulders to own it and be ok with who you are now. If you want to tweak here and there it’s ok too. As long as you’re doing it for the right reasons. Because if you think with cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery you’re going to fool people into thinking you’re 25, you are sorely mistaken.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 7:09 pm

    personally, I didn’t think anything you said was offensive. some people just like to find something bad in everything. and they could be jealous, because, let’s face it, you’re beautiful! I love all your tutorials and find your posts very interesting. keep up the good work!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 7:11 pm

    I love you and love your insight on things. I loved your post on aging. I turned 35 a few months and was having a hard time with it. I am coming to terms with getting older and trying to enjoy each stage in life, even if I have a few more wrinkles than I did at 25. Thank you for creating this blog to help us who need beauty help.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 7:18 pm

    What a great post. No one should ever judge the path someone takes. I think judging others can make you way uglier then wrinkles ever could. Keep on writing!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    I’m sure you are pretty always but that skirt is amazing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    Lol! “pre-landon”! Thanks for that awesome analogy!
    Love this post. Thankyou for being true to yourself, that shows true character and confidence. And I believe that when a person is solid and established in those two departments, they can do ANYthing, and you are obviously doing great things!

    xo Ariel
    crashing through glass

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    I love your blog, your makeup line and all that you’ve taught me makeup-wise! You’re stunningly beautiful, kind, knowledgeable, personable and so any awesome things! You’re a threat to unhappy internet people. 🙂 Just keep in mind that it’s YOUR blog and you can write what you want to write! People can decide to read it or not.
    I totally agree with your view on beauty and aging. I’m 30 and consider myself down to earth- my family, faith and friends are my world, but I didn’t like how wrinkly my forehead was, so I (GASP) Botox my forehead. It makes me feel better and definitely doesn’t define me.
    You’re awesome!

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 9:02 pm


  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    I’m seriously considering Botox for my forehead. I am a little nervous about it because I’ve heard the horror stories of bad injections, but.. I probably will still do it. And possible fillers under my eyes, the jury is still out on that one.

    And, I’ll do it like you say, to make myself feel better. Not to make anybody else happy.

    • Reply
      February 6, 2014 at 9:09 pm

      That last comment was for Mickey, but for some reason didn’t show up under her post.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 9:24 pm

    love it! visit my blog if you have chance http://www.soldesoleil.com
    kisses! 😉

  • Reply
    Gerry Hall
    February 7, 2014 at 5:17 am

    Well Said!! I am 58 years old and love this part of my life wrinkles and all. Beauty is a personal choice in whatever way you define it. I believe people get to wrapped up in who had what done to them and what is surgically enhanced or look at how this person has aged or that one has gone way to far “Surgery Gone Wrong” Sorry but who gives a Shit!! People judge others way to harshly. It’s their choice not any one else’s. Either way it’s what ever brings them happiness. I use every lotion and potion I know to keep my skin looking great. Thank you for all your insight and recommendations, injections and all. I am not closed off to anything including injections and or surgery at some point in my life. When who knows? I love reading and seeing all your posts especially the makeovers.You have saved me lots of $$ not trying every product known to man instead using your recommendations. Hey if I am ever in Vegas I am certainly going to reach out to you for a makeover, it would be a thrill. Keep typing Missy!!!

  • Reply
    Kandace Dayton
    February 7, 2014 at 10:02 am

    This is your blog. Own it. You don’t want to spend your time defending everything you say. If people don’t like what you have to says hey can stop reading your blog. You cannot please everyone. Keep up and keep on.

  • Reply
    February 7, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    You are wise beyond your years, Cara. I’m a 55 yr. old woman and have made peace (well mostly) with all the flaws and wrinkles. I have found that a smile is about the best thing I can put on every day. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about both inner and outer beauty!

  • Reply
    February 7, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    I really admire the positive way that you always address your detractors, Cara. It takes a strong person to not let all of the criticism bring you down and to address it in such a mature, respectful way.Good on you 🙂

  • Reply
    February 8, 2014 at 11:08 am

    Hi, I am actually old and, while I didn’t take offense at what you wrote, I do *not* feel represented by Dolly Parton. I think she is well and truly hideous, and that famous cheap comment does nothing to change my mind or make it better. Ugh. But — another question (well, the first one wasn’t a question . . .) — I would like to get the undereye injections and looked up a local provider and they do not specifically say it’s for eye use. And my other aesthetician (as I said, I’m old, I need a team of helpers!) has said it’s too dangerous to have it done there — as in, risk of blinding. So how did you get them to target that area? Would really appreciate the details!

  • Reply
    February 11, 2014 at 5:57 am

    Hello! At times it must be hard to be held up to so much public scrutiny and judgement as a very popular beauty blogger. You must be very patient, lovely Cara! 🙂 Readers are quite entitled sometimes! It is something I have noticed before. Unfortunately, injections crosses my ‘line’ and so I will have to depart from your wonderful blog. Thank you for your beautiful posts. They have made tough times easier!

  • Reply
    February 19, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    Agree, agree, and agree! I appreciate your honesty on the beautiful, natural, aging stuff… And the creams, injections, superficial stuff! Don’t be discouraged and stay honest. As a 37 yr old woman, wife and mom, I find myself trying to walk a fine line of looking clasy and beautiful (and yes young) and not get too caught up on how I look and the fine lines that are beginning to show on my face or the holiday pounds that don’t come off as easily as they used to. We all have lines, and they are different for each one of us.

  • Reply
    Lauren Clemons
    February 24, 2014 at 11:03 am

    SO PERFECTLY SAID! Oh my goodness, I like you bunches. <3 And if people still choose to leave your blog, how short-sighted they are to not appreciate your grace and honesty! Our souls are much more important and you have a beautiful one.

  • Reply
    March 20, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    Cara, any details on finding this skirt in the longer than mini length would be greatly appreciated. Was it found in store or online? I love it, and am searching for the length better suited for church settings.

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    December 15, 2018 at 12:37 am

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