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3 Tips to update your look for spring!


Braids are effortlessly beautiful and they work for every texture of hair.
Tip: if you suck at braids as much as I do, don’t worry, sloppy braids are just as cute.


2. Lashes!

I have been doing lash extensions for a while now and I am completely addicted. They stay in for up to 4 weeks and then you get a fill (kind of like nails) Lashes make your eyes look huge and I love that I don’t need eye makeup unless I want it. BE CAREFUL choosing your lash girl though. Get someone experienced and make sure you talk to other people who have used them before you let them at your eyes. Latisha Springer (435.229.5878) does mine and she is really talented. She has been doing them for years and knows how to make them look really natural and last forever. Plus she is quick.
Tip: Ever notice when they get all messy and look like tarantula legs? Not cute. I blow dry mine after the shower. It keeps them from going haywire and it takes like 5 seconds. Just take your blow dryer on a cool setting and blow up towards your brow with your eyes closed. It should comb them all the same direction and separate them beautifully.

3. Fake Bake!

Not in the tanning bed in the bottle…of course. This stuff is great and one quick spray on your face and chest makes you feel brand new.
Let me just add that I do get that being tan is somewhat out of style right now (the barrage of Pinterest posts ripping on fake tanner are not lost on me) here’s the thing though, I look better tan. I know some of you look like ballerina-baroque period- porcelain dolls when you are fair and I envy you for that. I just look sickly. I have olive skin and it’s thin so all the veins show through. When it comes to beauty, styles come and go but, luckily you stay the same. If you know something looks good on you stick with it, the purpose of beauty products are to make you feel pretty.
Tip: BLUSH! Blush is the key to making a fake tan look real instead of dirty. I like to set my cream blush with some bronzer to look super sun-kissed.

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  • Reply
    September 9, 2012 at 11:02 pm

    Hey. I have been noticing the side braid for awhile now. Some people can pull it off while others look ridiculous (to me). I think it would b great if you posted how toos on that 🙂

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    August 6, 2013 at 12:40 am

    Enjoyed the information;-) would love to see a step by step visual… Might be asking too much, anywho thank you for sharing your knowledge,,, have a great day!!!!

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    October 7, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    What kind of spray tanner do you use? I also feel I look better with a tan and spray on sounds perfect.

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